Faye. 21. England.

"I move the stars for no-one"
Star Trek, cats, intersectional feminism, being fat, classical literature, British panel shows & other stuff.

Sometimes I can be incredibly ignorant: call me the fuck out on it. Please.

I choose Vodka. And Chaka Khan.

There is no such thing as a British accent.

 dicks flapping

just had a flash-back to last night when i went round showing everybody the background of greg davies on my phone going “i’d give my left tit if he let me lick his chest" and then going to my friends "i wouldn’t mind getting finger banged by him if you know what i mean

clearly me and southern comfort don’t mix well and it just ends up with me telling randoms about my love for a 44 year old welsh comedian.¬†

i’m like… a sexual predator to older men.

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